Inspiration August 19, 2018

I’ve been back from my vacation for several weeks, and it’s way past time to get back to my writing routines.  Despite all the gorgeous places we visited in Croatia and Slovenia, the interesting people we met, the history we learned, the islands and towns we explored, I can’t say I came home with new ideas for a novel or for specific strategies for improving my WIP.   Maybe that’s okay.  Traveling is its own reward.  Dreams on the other hand. . .dreams are my latest treasure trove of writing inspiration.   For example:  Last week I dreamed  I was sitting at a bar, eating dinner with my new “literary agent,” Ari Melber (news commentator from MSNBC).  Suddenly I noticed a man at the end of the bar walking toward me.  He grabbed something off the bar.  “Hey-that’s my lemon zester!”  I screamed.  Sure enough he had stolen a lemon and lemon zester that had been sitting on the bar near me.  In my dream I knew they belonged to me and that they were more than just random objects.   Ari Melber had just sold my manuscript for $1,500 and my soon-to-be published book featured that particular lemon zester.  Of course this is a wacky dream.  Kristy Hunter is my agent—not Ari Melber.  She’s from The Knight Agency, not MSNBC.  And I don’t have a book that features a lemon and a lemon zester.  At least, not yet.  You see where this is going.  I’ve started jotting down ideas from my dreams as soon as I awaken in the morning.   Writers and storytellers have been inspired by their dreams since the beginning of time.   I know I’m very late to this party but better late than never. I have already thought of 10 ways to torture an antagonist with a lemon and a zester.   I can’t wait to see what I’ll dream up tonight.

three yellow citrus
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